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Tiles (new formula)

1.5 ounces of deliciously scented wax in a square or round tile shape.

*And I Oop Sksksk (zucchini bread & cotton sheets)
*Bamboo Sheets (lush linen, Swedish dream salt & bonsai tree)
*Banana Coconut Milkshake (Banana Cream, Coconut Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream)
*Beach Bonfire (Marshmallow Fireside, Graham Crackers, Salty Sea Air)
*Bellissimo & White Clouds - customer creation (Pink Lemonade, Lavender, Vanilla Bean Noel & White Clouds)
*Boardwalk Attractions (boardwalk marshmallow clouds, American cream, cut out cookies, powdered sugar frosting & candied cherries)
*Boo, You Whore (Fizzy Satsuma)
*Dream a Little Dream (gingham, pink chiffon & Coast)
*Forever in Blue Jeans (flannel sheets & downy blue ultra)
*Frosted Juniper (ozone, camphor, citrus, berries & juniper)
*Frosted Lavender (ozone, camphor, citrus, berries & juniper, lavender & vanilla bean noel)
*Heartbreaker (cut out cookies, powdered sugar frosting, candied cherries, cherry crumb pie & fried ice cream)
*Honeydew Sorbet (Sweet Cream, Honeydew & Pizzelle)
*Hopscotch (Sugary Lollipops, Mandarin Orange & Fizzy Pop)
*I Took a Shower with My Boyfriend (Fresh & Clean with Sage and a Hint of Mint - hedonic tonic type)
*Lemon Limeade Italian Cream Soda
*Little Pink Houses (Clean Cotton, Pink Berries & Tonka)
*Mac Apple Cake (macintosh apples and birthday cake)
*Margarita Cake Batter (Frozen Margarita and Rich Cake Batter)
*Miss Sunshine (cotton candy frosting with sultana type-creamy bergamot candy)
*Moonless (Black Cedar Wood & Juniper with Chamomile Flowers)
*Pink Berries & Tonka (pink berries, pikake, musk, sugar cane & tonka beans)
*Sing Me the Blues (Blue Cotton Candy and Blue Sugar)
*Strawberry Pine (sweet strawberry with a touch of wild pine)
*Sunset (Sweet bergamot, grapefruit & fresh cut grass)
*Tidal Wave (Satsuma, coconut lime verbena)
*Villa (blackberries, Coast & green tea)
*Water & Wood (fresh water, mountain air and warm woods)


  • Image of Tiles (new formula)
  • Image of Tiles (new formula)