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Simplicity Oval Scent Shots (new formula)

Do you ever wonder what our Cotton Candy Frosting smells like in and of itself? Do you ever want to fill your home with the soft scent of Amber & Oud without added notes? Or maybe make your own concoctions? We have just the thing for you!

Savannah Blue Simplicity gives even the most savvy connoisseurs of wax melts the opportunity to experience the basic foundations of our products and get to know us better.

Available in 2 oz Scent Shots

Scent List:

*Alright, Alright, Alright (bergamot and citrus, with sultry oak moss, amber, lavender on a woody base)
*Bedtime Bath (lavender chamomile)
*Blackberry Juice (sweet blackberry juice)
*Black Sea (plum, clove leaf, ozone, cardamom seed, vanilla, amber & clean florals)
*Bonsai Tree (sage, lemongrass & bergamot)
*Bubblegum (sweet bubblegum)
*Cake Batter Fudge (vanilla, powdered sugar, sugar sprinkles & buttercream)
*Cashmere & Cotton (pomelo, bergamot, vanilla & sandalwood)
*Cherry Chip Cake (cherry & chocolate bits in sweet cake with cream cheese frosting)
*Cherry Mist (dark, ripe bing cherry)
*Citrus Linen (fresh citrus and clean cotton)
*Clean & Comfy (freshly laundered linen)
*Coast (classic coast soap scent)
*Cotton Candy Frosting (sugary sweet cotton candy with vanilla frosting)
*Coppertone (coppertone suntan lotion)
*Downy Blue Ultra (floral, sweet orange, lush fern, jasmine, lilac, rose, amber & musk)
*Dove (classic dove soap scent)
*Driftwood (woody, earthy blend of cedar & sandalwood)
*Earthen Oak (green eucalyptus, lilac, violet, vanilla, sandalwood, musk & amber)
*Fiddle Leaf & Fig (wild fern & fig Leaf with coconut water & white woods)
*Fiji Date & Lemon Peel (Sweet Fiji dates with tart lemon zest)
*French Cade Lavender (french cade wood, lemon, verbena, lime, lavender, lilac, rich woods and musk)
*French Lavender
*Fruity Pebbles (fruity pebbles cereal)
*Gingham Type (blue freesia, sweet clementine & soft violet petals)
*Green Tea (fresh and clean scent of crisp and bitter sweet green tea leaves with hints of fruit)
*Irish Linen
*Irish Spring (classic irish spring scent)
*Ivory Soap (classic ivory soap scent)
*Ivory Woods (vanilla flower, jasmine, timber wood, tonka bean, ivory oud & sandalwood)
*Key Lime Pie (citrus, lime, baked meringue & pie crust)
*Lavender Linen (fresh lavender, cotton & rain)
*Lavender Marshmallow
*Night Watch (weathered leather, woodsmoke and earthy cedarwood)
*Orange Sherbet (creamy orange & vanilla ice cream)
*Red Saffron (red saffron, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar musk & vanilla)
*Salty Mariner (fresh rain, lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine, and musk)
*Sea Minerals (ozone, crisp linen & sea salt)
*Sorrel Lemon Thyme (sorrel, lemon, thyme & rosemary)
*Strawberry Kiwi (kiwi, lime & sweet strawberry)
*Sunflower (floral sunflower on a subtle green background)
*Swedish Dream Salt (salty ocean breeze with lavender, cucumber & lime)
*Tangerine Gelato (tangerine, orange creamsicle & lemon zest)
*Tide Type (fresh, green, fruity, warm woods & musk)
*Tobacco Vanille (tobacco leaves intertwine with creamy vanilla, spicy cacao, tonka bean, resinous woods & dried fruit)
*Tumbleweed & Terra Cotta (rich, earthy terra cotta, tumbleweed & cedarwood)
*White Clouds


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