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Savannah Blue Simplicity

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Original Wax Formula

Do you ever wonder what our Cotton Candy Frosting smells like in and of itself? Do you ever want to fill your home with the soft scent of Amber & Oud without added notes? Or maybe make your own concoctions? We have just the thing for you!

Savannah Blue Simplicity gives even the most savvy connoisseurs of wax melts the opportunity to experience the basic foundations of our products and get to know us better.

Available in 2 oz Scent Shots

Scent List:

*Amber & Oud (decadent woods, vanilla musk & tonka)
*Beach Linen (sea salt, ozone, citrus, jasmine, lavender powder & wood)
*Bedtime Bath (lavender chamomile)
*Bonsai Tree (sage, lemongrass & bergamot)
*Campfire Marshmallow (crackling campfire, creamy marshmallow, burnt sugar & smoke)
*Cardamon Tobacco (exotic spices, ginger & tobacco leaves)
*Cherry Mist (dark, ripe bing cherry)
*Coriander & Tonka (amber, green tobacco leaves & sweet vanilla)
*Cotton Amber (amber, rich woods, orris root, ozone & green floral)
*Cotton Candy Frosting (sugary sweet cotton candy with vanilla frosting)
*Fiji Dates & Lemon Peel (sweet fiji dates with tart lemon zest)
*Firewood (smoldering firewood)
*Honey Buttered Rolls (honey vanilla cinnamon bread)
*Irish Linen (green citrus, fruity florals, herbal woods & vanilla musk)
*Irish Spring (fresh bergamot & citrus, floral woods & herbs)
*Ivory Woods (vanilla flower, sandalwood, cashmere musk ivory oud & tonka)
*Lavender Marshmallow
*Lush Linen (sun bleached linen, lemon & white tea)
*Milk & Cookies (warm vanilla cookies & sweet cream)
*Orange Sherbet (fresh orange peels with sweet vanilla)
*Palo Santo Patchouli (cedarwood, tonka bean, clove, patchouli & vanilla amber)
*Red Saffron (red saffron, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar musk & vanilla)
*Rosewood & Musk (casssis, otto rose, cassia bark, cedar, black amber, musk & sandalwood)
*Shamupure Aveda (clove leaf, cornmint, lemon & rosemary)
*Sparkling Clean (fresh & clean with a hint of apple & jasmine)
*Sour Patch Kids (sweet & sour citrus candy)
*Strawberry Kiwi (kiwi, lime & sweet strawberry)
*Tide Type (fresh green, fruity, warm woods & musk)
*White Linen (citrus, florals, woody amber & musk)
*Winter Linen (bergamot, orange blossom, fresh linen, jasmine, white musk & cashmere)


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